Our dutch pride

The history of Bakers best genever starts with the Distillers, alias the ones who know how to make the moon shine on a long dark night. And yes, many nights were spent on building our own kettle for pure alcohol, but it didn’t stop there. The love for this craftsmanship sparked a fire in our Distillers’ hearts that set us out on a mission. A mission to create a unique genever that would conquer many, many more hearts.

Our genever is created by perfecting the art of distilling and mixing authentic flavours from the past. Crafted with respect for the long history of our Dutch pride and elevated by a revolutionary ingredient we are just seconds from revealing…

Bakers walk
baker hungry

“So the story goes, one of the Distillers was a baker by day and a genever lover by night. He would wake up at the crack of dawn, to let his bread rise and his bakery shine. Sadly, at the end of each day, the baker was obliged to throw away at least a few loafs of bread due to strict Dutch quality regulations*. Along with the bread, a huge amount of passionate craftsmanship was also wasted. From the farmers cultivating crops, millers grinding grains and the baker himself secretly hiding a little bit of love in every loaf.

*120 million kilograms of bread and residual waste (such as bread crumbs) on a yearly basis

"Let them use bread"

bakers sipping

After a long day of work nothing would relax the baker more than fine-tuning the art of moonshine, sipping on a genever and dreaming of one day producing his own. And that got him thinking…  If one of the main ingredients of genever is grain, perhaps there is a way I can put my old bread to good use?

"From waste to pure taste"

bakers masterpiece

The baker decided to call a friend, who just happened to be a chemist, and told him about this crazy idea. That night, in the heart of Amsterdam, the Distillers were born. By experimenting with different ways in which the long tradition of distilling genever could be stirred up a little, the friends found a way to give a new purpose to a useful product: replacing grain with old bread.”

The ones that are called crazy are usually the ones with the best ideas. And we love to believe ours is nothing less. The core of the Distillers’ philosophy is that waste cannot be considered final. The waste of a product may be the beginning of a new product. By saving the bread, we can craft it into our masterpiece: Bakers best genever.